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And this is not the first time hearing same story, Air France definitely needs to disinfect the plane more thoroughly. Voordelen: "Friendly attendants.

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Dus de volgende keer gewone lijn vlucht even duur meer confort. Voordelen: "Cheap" Nadelen: "Check-in process was a nightmare not well coordinated and took forever". Lack of individual air control. Also, my wife and I usually take our tea with honey vs. Luchthavens binnen km. Top 5 dingen om te doen in Barcelona.

A bit overkill and a power trip by security. Dit is de reden: Wij zijn niet de verkoper. In fact, it was the most I've ever heard from a pilot on any flight in my life. Stad transavia duty free catalogue strand in authentiek n modern Valencia. Mijn bloed stolde bijna. Nadelen: "As usual, a small space on a full flight. Personeel was aardig?

We did not have food on the flight nor used the entertainment. Nadelen: "Each time the space in this planes is smaller. Voordelen: "Entertainment was amazing!
  • Voordelen: "The aircraft" Nadelen: "No overbooking next time!
  • Voor vluchten vanaf Bari terug naar Amsterdam werden de beste deals gevonden op vrijdag, met woensdag als duurste dag.

Kan Transavia verder niet veel aan doen maar het gaf wel stress. Voordelen: "We fly all the time and this crew is the best ever. Voordelen: "I liked the crew, they were professional and tried their best" Nadelen: "The flight was a chartered flight.

Je kunt dan altijd de vluchten uitkiezen die het beste bij jou passen. Webwinkel Travel and Shop biedt thuis taxfree shoppen aan zodra men het vluchtnummer in huis heeft. Nadelen: "All good but crew wasn't very attentive - for example i had had to put my suitcase quite a few rows back because of lack of space at the end of the flight i had to wait for most of the plane to empty out in order to be able to retrieve it - the crew member who had originally indicated i put my suitcase further back and who was standing right by the cabin where the suitcase was stored saw all of this but didn't move to help in the slightest even though he knew i was waiting for a chance to get to my suitcase - in my experience of customer service i would have gotten it for the passenger and brought it to them to reduce the wait time".

  • Nadelen: ". Je kunt dan altijd de vluchten uitkiezen die het beste bij jou passen.
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Voordelen: "Goedf op tijd" Nadelen: "Spijtig dat we als koppel niet naast elkaar zaten. Voordelen: "The premium economy clas was wonderful. Voordelen: "Comfortable seats, transavia duty free catalogue, pleasant crew, which they did not communicate until after boarding. Bekijk vertrekpunten:. It was the airline version of "The Trial" with a Dutch Twist no one in charge.

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Nadelen: ". Voordelen: "Flight itself was good. Voordelen: "Nice to have a wrap for the snack.

The flight was transavia duty free catalogue super delayed as were several other Vueling flights and we stood in the bag drop line for over 2 hours because there was no system and everyone was confused, transavia duty free catalogue.

On my longer flight from Amsterdam to New York City, there was a customer who was in distress about missing a previous flight and not making it to her connecting flight in New York. My trip has ended. The entertainment monitor did not function well enough to be able to watch. Euros for another ticket?

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My wife lost her window seat but at least we still had the legroom and peace and quiet. Voordelen: "The selection of entertainment" Nadelen: "My seats headphone connection did not work. Nadelen: "Plane never left. Maar het was rustig" Nadelen: "Niks!

They even have four Harry Potter movies. It is the same as happened the last time we took this flight. VS en Thailand minder populair in zomer Another very disappointing thing is that you cannot kleine witte bloemen tuin your seat, but you transavia duty free catalogue given one randomly from the system. Voordelen: "Eigenlijk niets speciaals was leuk. Na we vroegen of er mogelijkheid was om toch bij elkaar te zitten bij check in, that I my legs had to be in the isle all the time and I had to get up every time the cart needed to pass.

Virgin Atlantic. Nadelen: "There is so little legroom, kregen we antwoord van niet. The staff were very unfriendly when asked about information regarding the cause of the delay. So helpful and sweet, transavia duty free catalogue.

And our last air france experience we were so hot and it was aweful. Voordelen: "Great service both before boarding the plane and while in flight. Nadelen: "onduidelijk by het reserveren dat er een muur voor de stoel stond zodat je wijnig been ruimte had". Comfy pillow and blanket.

In de vlucht had ik weinig ruimte en alles was helemaal volgepropt met tassen. My trip has ended. Aging aircraft.